Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Indulgence Mas 2011

The Indulgence Mas Band has officially announced their theme AND started registration as of yesterday ($65 early bird registration til Saturday). Albeit it was done without the usual fanfare, but the photos are hott and I think I've more or less decided that this year I'll play with them again. I can def see myslf as the 'strawberries and cream' type ;) I have also decided that this year I'll be prettifying my costume so you just might see me in the paint band with eyelashes and boots lol. Don't judge me! I'm still suffering fom PCD so this is my way of spicing up my D.C. experience. You can see more pics etc in the Indulgence Facebook Group.

On another note Panisha Mas seems to have joined forces with Indulgence this year. Usually Panisha does their own paint section as well as a 'pretty mas' section but I've heard no mention of the latter. I assume its due to the whole confusion on whether there would be a DC Carnival or not but seeing as they are one of the better bands, in my opinion this is a real loss to the parade.

It seems as though despite getting the go ahead for this year next year's DC Carnival may also be on shaky ground and NOT as a result of financial issues. Rumor has it that the new D.C. Mayor does not see the point of keeping the festival as in his opinion that it is something that only the Caribbean Community takes pleasure in and not the wider D.C. Community. Doesn't sound very plausible to me, as far as I can see the city gets huge spikes in revenue to restaurants, clubs, vendors, hotels etc during this week, so why get rid of it? Something to look into perhaps...

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