Thursday, September 1, 2011

Throwback Thursdays

Just a listen in on my playlist today...When las you hear these tunes?

CHINESE LAUNDRY - COLORS (sry for the bad audio)





Anyone want to sign my petition to bring Laundry back to the soca game? Aside from colors which was on a completely different wavelength hhis other songs were heeee-la-rious!

Who remembers Mona Lisa?
"Show yuh have a Benz, Show yuh have Beemer! Show yuh have a Lexxus..park up in yuh area!! Jump up an up an up!!"
Laundry I miss you!!

Friday, August 26, 2011

And It Continues...

So much thanks to everyone who commented on my last blog about Afro chic decorating wire bras. My friend emailed her on my behalf and seems like things are a go on that end :D.

Next up on the list are my boots and my monday waistband.

I plan to reuse my Monday boots from last year for Monday Mas again this year, but after last year's spray paint debacle i was in dire need of new tuesday boots. Just fyi....when decorating suede boots it is advisable to use FABRIC spray paint and NOT the regular spray paint. Lesson learnt! lol

I decided to step my game up a notch and go for wedge heel boots. I think I can handle it as my go-to pr of boots this last winter were wedges and I walked 20 mins to school in them on some mornings. It's really amazing the difference a wedge heel makes versus a regular heel of the same height. it feels as if you're wearing flats. I have narrowed my choices down to these three (see below) and will sleep on it and make a decision in the morning.

Amazon: $20.00

Go Jane: $30.80

Amazon: $22.99

My Monday belt will be pretty simple. It was inspired by the belly chains I've seen my Nigerian friends wearing. I just hope I'm skilled enough to pull off the design I have in mind lol. tomorrow I'm going to the bead shop to see if they have anything that will match Dubai. Hopefully I get these things out the way quickly so I can move on to my Monday headpiece!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Its Registration time! for Miami that is!

I have decided that if all goes well for the next month moneywise there's no reason why I should skip Miami Carnival this year. Especially since one of my fave groups, Dirty Dozen Jouvert has a costume that would look quite lovely on me if I do say so myself ;)

Apparently this is the second time they will be bringing a section for Miami Carnival with Generation X. I sure wish I knew about this last year!

Taken from their Facebook Fan Page

Dirty Dozen J’ouvert premiered on J’ouvert Morning at Trinidad and Tobago Carnival 2010. With a completely sold out band, we paraded through the streets, bringing back J’ouvert to the way it used to be - lots of mud, lots of paint, and lots of powder - but also with lots of drinks and food for the All Inclusive vibe.

The producers of Dirty Dozen J'ouvert have been involved in the promotion and prod...uction of mas in T&T, Barbados, Miami and Notting Hill, and we have pooled our collective experiences and resources to create a distinctive event.

The Difference?...OUR UNIQUE RECIPE!

We will provide our J’ouvert family with the right mix, the 12 Ingredients that we believe will give you the most Unforgettable J’ouvert you will ever Experience…

Or simply put by my friend, "Is a group of QRC fellas who hav rel vibes!" lol

Can't wait!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Quest for Monday Fabulousity:Pt 1

This is all i want...this style frame..decorated in my Dubai colors. So why is this whole 'find-a-wire-bra-designer-process becoming so gosh darned stressful?!

Now first off...TRIBE you should have made a wire bra option available. That would have definitely made things easier and I don't mind forking out an extra hundred or so US for said bra.

Secondly...why is it so hard to find a designer/wire bender to just make what you want. To date I have msged (or rather a friend did on my behalf to keep me anonymous :D) Darrel Bluze, Designing Daryl, Akin Ross and even the samba costumes guy.

Darrel Bluze is the designer of this frame and judging from his work he seems quite able to design what I need. He quoted me a price of $120US. I am based abroad and as he seems very hesitant to communicate via email this poses some problems. I emailed him initially and called when he requested, however after I sent a subsequent email minutes later based on our conversation he clearly did not remember who I was. He responded asking me to call him to discuss price etc, stuff that had already been settled during the first phone call :S If I was physically in trini I wouldn't mind taking a chance but I cant do much checking up from here so that option is out.

Designing Daryl told me his prices START at $125US. I sent him a photo of the frame I wanted only for him to respond saying basically that the design I wanted was shitty and he doesnt do work like that....I'm kidding! He didn't say shitty...just that his designs are 'far more elaborate'. Still contemplating this option....He told me to look at his designs that were featured on Saucy's page which I did. I kinda want something more naked than what I've seen from him so far. And I would feel kinda shame to tell him that, which is why I havent responded to him yet lol.

Akin Ross said his wire bra's are $185US and come with boy shorts and a matching neckpiece. Now I dont know where the boyshorts and neckpiece come in because I already have my extra bikini bottom and accessories lined up but w/e. $185 is definitely way...WAY out of my price range.

The Samba Costmes guy is not taking any custom orders... :(

So basically I am back at square one and contemplating just buying some wire and doing my own thing. If my last option doesnt pan out I just may end up doing so. In anycase I already have to make my own circlet/small headpiece since I got blanked from TRIBE. Not too sure why, as the girl just said 'the small headpiece is not an option for that costume' when i clearly didnt ask for it as an 'option' but an addition..o well...its honestly not that difficult to make one and trying to buy it from them was pure laziness.

BUT if anyone knows someone who would just make the bra frame I

want, no questions asked and no ridic price tag let me know!!!

Anyways fingers crossed I get this wire bra situation sorted out asap so I can focus on my Mon/Tues boots and Monday wear waistband! Yes I said waistband...I did say I was going all out right ;)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I've been gone for a minute, had to deal with 'real life' so I've been spectating all the drama for the last week or so. And boy has there been drama!!

First off...Fantasy Carnival. How dare you! How dare you launch publicly, and cause me to envision myself chippin down the road a la Victoria Secret Fashion Show in all my winged glory....only to snatch that hope away with your 'who yuh know' committee registration. Good thing I'm a strong believer in NOT fighting dwn a scene so forget alyuh, I am officially registered to play wth TRIBE in Dubai's frontline :D. This was the ONLY costume I wanted from TRIBE (and yes i did pray a lil on it) so I am happy!

Talkin bout TRIBE....
So basically they are no longer tryin to keep up appearances with a hush-hush comittee reg and jus takin this committee registration business and running with it. Saturday 13th was the day to submit the downpayment and NUFF ppl i know, many of whom never played with TRIBE before were all registered in their section of choice. Now as for this 'send us a request and we will see if we can accommodate you' business, I'm waiting to see how it plays out. Is it going to be fair and first come first served or are they going to screen people...thats my main issue. Just picture if in years to come you have to submit a application, with headshots and full length shots and a nice lil essay on 'Why I Think I should Be Allowed to Play With TRIBE'. Somehow, jokes aside.....I feel like in a few years some band will make that a reality.....

Something like this..

Dear Madam TRIBEperson
I, Carnival Baby am hereby applying for a suitable section within your band for the upcoming 2012 Carnival celebrations. I have included a copy of my resume along with the requested photos for your perusal. Please do not be concerned about my love handles and jiggly thighs, I have committed myself to a strict diet/excercise regimen, which I have also included with this application. I also have a sworn statement from my personal trainer guaranteeing results within the designated time frame. I fully understand that failure to meet 'body good-oye' status could mean the forfeit of my downpayment and my place in the band, and I take full responsibility for preventing such a situation. I hope that you will find my face and body suitable for your demographic.
Carnival Baby

LOL! But really though, what if.....

I think this year more than ever the issue of how far you would go to be in the band/costume of your choice has been at the forefront. With bands becoming more exclusive and making committee registration de rigeur, it has been made clear to me that I need to know where to draw my line. So far I'm not too stressed about getting into where I want, but not everyone is fortunate in having friends/links on comittees. So what's left for them...Island People?? maybe YUMA..... Its a double edged sword as yes you want to give the people who have supported you, friends, family and sometimes your first time masqueraders who took a chance on your band first dibs, but it means that more and more anybody who is not in the who-yuh-know scene is sh*t outta luck.

Next post will be a condensed band review....don't want to put too much time on that as I dunno about alyuh but I'm past launches and on to Monday Wear, Makeup And Boots!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Take Me To...Dubai, Rio or Ibiza!

My costumes of choice, in order, as submitted to my group's TRIBE link. I'm happy with these costumes and while I REALLY, REALLY want that tail lol, I can also be happy with Rio. I am definitely going Frontline this year and am just waiting to hear which section I got so I can order my boots and wire bra etc. No sticking this year!!

I have to talk about this latest thing. TRIBE's 'wild card' which allegedly allows its holder to register for a costume of their choice in a section of their choice. it could also allow for groups to be registered all in one section according to Saucy. (Chk out the discussion on her facebook page). I am of the opinion that this card won't make much of a difference. I think that if you're that high up on the popularity totem pole to be given one of these cards then chances are you would have gotten your costume of choice in anycase.

What I found a little more surprising is that apparently committee registration is supposed to be 2 female 1 male per section. *blank stare* As I tweeted earlier this week I am the only one in a group of 6 who did not have Ibiza as their first choice. Our list was submitted but the guy never said anything about too many of us wanting one section. Fingers crossed that we all get something we're happy with, and that I get to palance down d road wigglin my tail! lol

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Monday Wear for SouthBeach/Dubai

Monday Wear - South Beach/Dubai

Early bird? Possibly. But I do not want to end up like I did last year. I ordered my Monday Wear at the very last minute and wasted $70 on a gold bikini that looked more Charlotte street quality than anything else. Also ordered my boots at the last minute only to realise that they were suede and not leather/pleather (how could i overlook that?!) and I didnt have time to get the spray paint for suede before I left for Trini. For the record NEVER use regular spray paint on suede, talk about a hot mess!
This year I promised myself that I will be better prepared and that I'll have all my stuff in order by December...we'll see how that goes~

Of course I will not be chippin anywhere in heels, those will probably be replaced by gold wedge heeled boots. AND all this is still dependent on if I end up in TRIBE or not... What with all this time on my hands and Polyvore being my new toy I can see myself doing more of these little creations, especially as I just realised I can clip my own pictures so persons will be able to find the actual source for the item.